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 Un manuscrit retrouvé

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MessageSujet: Un manuscrit retrouvé   Mar 18 Nov 2014 - 0:00

Voici qu'arrive au couvent un homme avec un étrange sourire sur son visage. Espérant que ce qu'il avait emmené soit leur joie. Après avoir trouvé l'entrée, il déposa le document, frappa et s'en alla.

Citation :
Ceci est un document que j'ai trouvé en faisant un peu de ménage, j'espère qu'il vous soit utile.

Hagiography of Blazingfast o.f.m

Origin of Blazingfast
Brother Blazingfast o.f.m was born on the twenty-first day of May 1438 in Launceston, Cornwall. At the age of five he was abandoned by his parents in a tunnel next to his parish church. He lived on the breadcrumbs which the parishioners gave to the beggars. At the age of eighteen in the year of our Lord 1456, he decided to leave his hole and set out for adventure. The first person he met was the now saint Mother Eraine, who was then the parish priestess. He felt the warmth in her way of welcoming him, she had a peaceful nature. Compelled by her radiating peace he followed in her footsteps by choosing her as his mentor. On the twenty-fifth day of May 1456, he was baptised by her, but never entered the Order of Saint Dwywai she had founded, as he did not feel the call to consecrate himself entirely to Jah. 

On his call
His first employment was to repair benches in his parish church. One day he heard a voice that invited him to repair his church. He did not know the full meaning of this call. His first reaction was to work on a daily basis in his local church. However, with time he came to realise that his mission was not to repair a church but to repair the universal Church. He realised that Jah was calling him. 
Back home, he had heard many church people speak of the Roman Curia. Marvelled by the hierarchy of the Church he decided to get into contact with them. It is here that he learned the French language and came across the Franciscan brotherhood. He was seduced by the Franciscan spirituality that he decided to give himself entirely to Jah through this spiritual family. He saw in this community his desire to serve Jah. A call can be answered because there has been those who believed in this call. Mother Eraine believed in him, his Franciscan community believed in him, so, he was able to believe in himself.

On his Franciscan life
He became a member of the Franciscan Brotherhood in the year 1456 and the chapter gave him the charge of the assistant novice master, a responsibility he took at heart. Many remember him as a humble but joyful brother. His faith was nourished by his charity and his prayer life.
He was ordained priest by Latan, his Franciscan mentor, on the twentieth day of May 1457. Latan and Blazingfast shared a common desire, that of spreading the Franciscan spirituality in England by the foundation of an English speaking convent. The project was prayed and accepted as the will of Jah on the twenty-seventh day of July 1457.

As the first superior abbot of the Oxford Grey Friars convent, he dedicated himself to the construction of the convent. Everything was new. He consecrated many hours on the translation of many Franciscan writings such as the Vita of St Francis.

On his life in England
In his time, England was undergoing many wars, his people were no longer interested in the spiritual life but only what was temporal. He worked as a selfless blacksmith preparing weapons for the many wars. With time he realised that the war was not a mean to attain peace. He decided to consecrate himself to the transmission of the Aristotelian faith to his people.
The greatest obstacle he encountered was the fact that not many documents were translated in English. He dedicated himself to the translation of the dogma from French to English. He also worked on the translation of the Franciscan documents. He dedicated himself tirelessly to this great work. Never neglecting his duties to serve his country as mayor or part of the great council for Cornwall. In fact, it is through these engagements that he saw the thirst of so many souls for something greater, infinite. He realised that they were seeking Jah but did not know it.

On his death
Driven by his burning desire for the Church and that all souls may be saved, he decided to deepen his call for the transmission of the faith. Between his work in the Franciscan Convent, serving the poor and his many quill works, he travelled in his country as an inquisitor. But this life was too hectic for him, so he took the resolution of teaching. He did so, by following the formation to become a professor.

The soul is willing but the flesh is weak. Sadly, he went to meet Jah on December 1458, a few days after receiving his diploma. His death was due to his lack of energy as he spent most of his time in retreat to gain more time for his writings and the translation of the Canon Law into English.
His writings
He leaves behind him many English translation of the Church writings. He has also lent his quill for the hagiographies of many, especially that of Saint Eraine. In his name he leaves us his essays: On The Essence of Religious Life, the treaty on hope entitled "Never loose hope" and in French his disputatio on Charity

This letter belongs to the Franciscan Convent of Bruz. In memory of one of them.

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MessageSujet: Re: Un manuscrit retrouvé   Mer 26 Nov 2014 - 11:19

Franciscus trouvé le script et il a été très surpris mais aussi très heureux: le texte était quelque chose auquel il avait commencé à travailler il y a un certain temps, mais n'avait jamais réussi à terminer ...


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MessageSujet: Re: Un manuscrit retrouvé   Mar 16 Déc 2014 - 21:21

Thanks for working on your own Hagiography as well, dear brother. It means a lot to me indeed that you took the time to work on this text and help me finish the Hagiography of brother Latan. 

Working at this text in my study room where you both have access.

Superior Abbot of the Grey friars' convent of Liverpool
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MessageSujet: Re: Un manuscrit retrouvé   

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Un manuscrit retrouvé
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